Zzwweeii / 2008 Two solos Two bodies Two self-promoter Two qualities of movement Two world views Two artistic approaches Zzwweeii - is a performance dealing with two different personalities and two induvidual artistic statements on one stage. Karen Boesser and Gudrun Lange try an experiment: They create a piece in which each individual will bring out their own characteristics and qualities to their full potential by relaying to the same questions:How can one come in spite of insurmountable differences? Choreography / Dance: Karen Boesser Coached by: Michael Schmidt Choreography / Dance: Gudrun Lange Coached by: Verena Billinger Soundcollage: Ansgar Tappert Performance Places: Forum Freies Theater, Düsseldorf, Germany Sponsor /Funding: Cultural Department of the City of Düsseldorf, supported by Theater Museum, Düsseldorf Coproduction: Forum Freies Theatre Düsseldorf, Germany Production: Karen Boesser Press review: Toy cars at the end / Kölner Stadtanzeiger / 27.10.08 Forum Freies Theatre in Düsseldorf attracts dance enthusiastic spectators with the Performance zzweeii. Gudrun Lange and Karen Bösser give a dance between entertainment and abstraction. (…) Karen Bösser sits in the shadow. She will win in her solo the audience entirely different for her favour. It will be in much darker, mysterious ways - with an astronaut-term floating dance, where in the gentle touch it overturns in Brutalism. In one of her climax Bösser mutated to a wild arm swinging, spiting machine - threatening to anyone who is sitting close to her stage frame. One entices with dance entertainment, the other threatened with abstraction, but they are both ironical skilled. zzwweeii is a performance of two very different artists. It is a duo of two solos, which evolved in an over 50-minute Performance. What Lange / Bösser unites, is the question how voyeurism in the basic constellation performer / viewer repeal, and how the danger of artist victim can be avoided (…)