Home for Now / 2011 Home for Now is an interdisciplinary dance and art performance dealing with all the expressions, faces and facets of ‘being at home’ in a global society. As in a collage of image, dance, text and music - all different aspects are melted in a poetic performance, the correlation with the audience being an important part of it. The spectators will not only be part of the setting, but they will also have their personal effect on the atmosphere and the characterization of ‘being at home’. We invite to bring a picnic to the performance. Choreography / Dance: Karen Boesser, Marie Goeminne Skypeguests: MadhaPPy Videoart: Dirk Dietrich Hennig Sound / Music: Ansgar Tappert IT Specalist: Jan Bashaijha Mwesigwa Coach: Caterina Pecchioli Performance Places: Forum Freies Theater Sponsor / Funding: Department of Cultural Affairs, Düsseldorf, Van Meetren Foundation, supported by Dansmakers Amsterdam Coproduction: Forum Freies Theater Düsseldorf, Germany Production: Karen Boesser Press review: Rheinische Post / 29.04.2011 / Von Melanie Suchy Aside in a waiting position Karen Boesser and Marie Goeminne lift off a key ring and a glass up and down and sideways. Their short dance show with big arm swings is the cheerful greeting. Home for Now of the Düsseldorf choreographer Karen Boesser is devoted to feel at home, or more precisely the place that is a temporary home. A very current subject in times of flexible working life .. A duet between proximity and distance. Now table and spectators are cleared to the side and a dance appears again: a duet that evolves from proxinity to distance. First the dancers lean towards each other as if together the would shape a tent. They support each other on their shoulder, legs and back, rest like laying in bed on the floor and rolling over each other. One lifts up the other in the air. Then they face each other, like a mirror and move with eye contact. Eventually they dissolve and first walk together and then separate ways. This is a bautiful half-hour about a relationship towards a room or to a person. An exciting recent experimental dance theater pieces celebrated its premiere in Düsseldorf FFT. / Von Björn Nussbächer / 30.04.2011 HOME FOR NOW choreographed and performed by Karen Boesser and Marie Goeminne did not only surprised by its directness, but also turns out to be subtle as well as an intellectual and sophisticated multi-media dance experience. Even at the beginning of the piece, the audience is deprived of their familar approach and immediately after entering the room the audience finds itselft to be part of a scene. Postum an interactive situation arises, where the audience has to decide to be an active or a passive participator in “Home”. In a very experimental stage setting, the audience is encouraged to bring homemade food to the table and to seek the conversation with the performer and spectators to relax and to observe the scenaries. Suddenly, a live Skype broadcast to Florida takes place. An artist family on the other side appears. MadHappy talks about personal things, of love and madness and sings and plays the accordion. At the same time boths performers Karen Boesser and Marie Goeminne moderated and commented this when slowly silence arises and the two dance a wonderfully poetic and physically-demanding performance. The end of the play approaches and take s place metaphorically in a garden. Home for Now is playfull in its combination of dance, video art, multimedia and interactive with the audience. This may seem disturbing, can displace people in order to bring them back together and to end up to question oneself: What does it mean to be at home or to have a homeland? It is exciting to see that the multimedia communication revolution and a disorientation of homefeelings has arrived for the most parts in the physicall dance scene. The question of perception that a more and more expanded multimedia-networked world can mean a more and more fragmented world and how we will react as human beings will keep me at breath more often nowdays. Photos: Copyright by Dirk Dietrich Hennig 2011