„Under Moon“ A performance by Karen Bößer & Thomas Klein aka Sølyst For the first time Thomas Klein aka Sølyst and Karen Bößer will present their jointly developed piece "Under Moon". The performance is a scenic-musical collaboration in which the animalistic, essential in man is reflected. An adapted ego and its animal instincts wrestle with each other, morality and drive become alternately visible. Forms of egoism, passion, controversial attitudes and desires flash up and want to dominate. In contrast, there is the desire and insight for balance. Karen Bößer's dance performance leads into a scenic world of density, intensity, transparency, lightness and abstraction - congenially carried by Thomas Klein's aka Sølyst electro and tribal beats with drums. Together they struggle to balance the kaleidoscopic centrifugal forces towards humanity. Dance / Performance: Karen Bößer Music: Thomas Klein aka Sølyst Thanks to Lise Brenner and Petra Prahl Link: Neuland | Tonhalle Düsseldorf Sponsored by Tonhalle Düsseldorf and with kind support of Kabawil e.V. Photos: Copyright Susanne Diesner, 2022 Thomas Klein aka Sølyst and Karen Bößer