Changing life by stepping through / 2001

Changing life by stepping through is a dance performance dealing with personal stations in life. The performer and dancer Karen Boesser is captured by her memories, letting her transform into a raven, a seagull, a dog or a woman. The performance is limited to body and choreography. She expresses her vulnerability and own memories by turning into an animal character. Organic alienated, obsessive even in it s comical parts, her bird-transformation portrays an escape from her past. She actes out her pain by symbolising it through a cry of an animal. 

Choreography / Dance: Karen Boesser
Performance places: Vision Festival, New York City, USA / Art and Music School, Colleg, Bielefeld, Germany / tanzhaus nrw, Düsseldorf, Germany / Cologne Tanztage, Cologne, Germany
Production: Karen Boesser

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Press review:

In her performance Changing Life by Stepping Through Karen Boesser was dancing steps of her life to the sound of a rain man, the music of a gong and the rhythm of drummer Karl Godejohann. Memories are forcing on the dancer, is becoming part of her. She is like a bird, even transforming into one, into a shrieking craw, a seagull, and then into a peacock. High lights of dance scenes followed, full of life vibrations, falling down from heaven, and stumbling on the ground - until the memory is striking the present and the final sound of the bird is fading away.
Neue-Westfälische, 17.03.2001

On the contrary to many other organizers the Tanzhaus Düsseldorf is not fixed to its own company but is serving as a meeting point to different positions. Also under these premises the performance Dance Tank I came across as a successful debut. … Karen Boesser’s introverted solo Changing Life by Stepping Through was following as a heavy contrast after that. Boesser confines herself to the body and to pure choreography, finds unique expressions for violation and underwent memories by embodying animals through her dance. Alienated organically, oppressive even with its humor, her metamorphosis into a bird means an escape from the past and the personification of pain through the cry of an animal.
Rheinische Post, 27.01.2001